Häiriköt etusivu

Artikkeli on poimittu NKVD Recordsin sivuilta ja on ilmeisesti julkaistu aikoinaan levyn ilmestymisen aikoihin vuonna 1992.



Iskee kuin miljoona volttia (Sonic)

Oh, Christ, it's another one of those incredibly fantastic Finnish bands with an album that in any other time would appear once every ten years but for some reason seems to be popping out of Finland every twenty eight minutes these days. 

Just like Klamydia, just like Pojat, and just like Ne Luumaet (Ne Luumaet's Heko Luumaki produced this), Hairikot toss out 20 effortless tracks of phenomenally catchy punk pop that makes you start thinking that maybe it wasn't such a big deal that the Ramones did an album like Rocket To Russia at all. Besides, the Ramones didn't have to try to make rhymes with words with double digits worth of syllables in them. I mean, how many words do you know that rhyme with "Korkeajannitys" anyway? They play fast thrashers, they play teenage tearjerkers, they play middling punk rockers, it's that same Ramones pattern and it's all amazingly good. Dunno what to tell you, except your SubPop records haven't got a chance. 

(PO Box 238, 00181 Helsinki, Finland)